Military Hero Award

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JANUS Research Group, Inc. is proud to partner with the American Red Cross in honoring our 2013 Hometown Heroes. On behalf of JANUS Research Group, Inc., thank you, hometown heroes, for your extraordinary gifts to our community in selfless service and dedication to duty. Your action brings comfort and hope to families throughout our nation. We proudly support our volunteer Service Men and Women who are often in harm's way protecting the freedoms and safety we cherish.

SSG Keith Walker

While on patrol in Baghdad, Iraq, SSG Walker's platoon came under enemy fire. SSG Walker's platoon was in charge of securing a Police Station and protecting a nearby Mosque. While under fire from enemy insurgents, SSG Walker and his platoon proceeded to MEDEVAC and treat enemy and civilian casualties. While treating an unarmed civilian for bullet wounds, SSG Walker was struck by an exploding grenade that was thrown from an insurgent on the nearby rooftop. SSG Walker sustained life threatening injuries to his arms, legs and hand. While trying to get to safety from his injuries, SSG Walker returned fire, protecting not only himself but fellow soldiers and civilians. All enemy insurgents were either eliminated or captured following these events. For his bravery and the injuries he sustained, SSG Walker was awarded the Purple Heart.

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